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(Case Study 4.2 Lesson Plan)

Sample 1

Subject Area: MathSpecific Content: Improper fractions and equivalent mixed numbers

Grade Level: 6th GradeLength of Lesson: 30 minutes

Instructional Objective(s): The learner will write any improper fraction as a mixed number.

State Content Standard / Benchmark / Grade Level Expectations:

Math – Patterns, Relationships, and Functions
Content Standard: Students describe the relationships among variables, predict what will happen to one variable as another variable is changed, analyze natural variation and sources of variability, and compare patterns of change.

Middle School Benchmark: Represent variability or change by ordered pairs, tables, graphs, and equations.

Long-Term Unit Objective: The learner will add, subtract, multiply, and divide any two mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

Yesterday’s Lesson: The students worked with a partner and used fraction manipulatives to better understand equivalent mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Tomorrow’s Lesson: The students will learn to write mixed numbers as improper fractions, which will be an inverse of today’s lesson.

Prerequisite Knowledge or Behaviors Needed:

Skills: The students are able to do multi-digit division and multiplication by hand without the use of a calculator. They are also competent in using calculators to perform multiplication and division.

Concepts: The students can identify improper fractions and mixed numbers and know that there are two ways to write the same fractional amount.

Behaviors: The students know that to answer or ask a question they must raise their hand and must wait until the teacher calls upon them to respond. The students also know that they are only allowed to work with partners on math problems when the teacher has specifically told them that it is acceptable to do so.

Why is the Content of Today’s Lesson Relevant for Your Students? Fractions can be used to understand real-life ratios. Students need to understand how to work with improper fractions because they will encounter fractions in the business world and later in the academic world.


Teacher materials:
-dry-erase board
-dry-erase makers
-dry-erase eraser

Each student needs these materials:
-pencil with an eraser
-additional paper to show work

Where are your materials to be kept until their use during the lesson? The teacher will keep the worksheets on her desk until the appropriate time.

When will your materials be passed out?
The students will receive their worksheets after the teacher has finished modeling and they will then begin the guided practice.

How will materials be passed out?
The teacher will draw the names of two students from the stick jar she keeps on her desk. These students will be responsible for passing out the worksheets to the students in the class. Each student is then responsible for turning in his or her worksheet in the green class folder upon completion.

Model of Teaching: Direct Instruction


List each procedure according to stages of Direct Instruction.

Include each question you are planning to ask students in the appropriate place in your lesson plan.

1. Focus Activity

a. The teacher questions the students about the difference between a mixed number and an improper fraction and facilitates a discussion around this topic.

-What is the difference between a mixed number and an improper fraction?

-What have we been working on the last few days?

-What discoveries did you make?

-What did we call those two ways of writing the amount?

-Why did we say “mixed?”

-What did we call the other way to write the same amount?

2. Stating the Objective and Rationale

a. The students will learn to change improper fractions into mixed numbers without using the fraction manipulatives.

b. It is much easier and more...
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