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Importance of Input/Output
However, music stored on a CD is read sequentially, so rotation speed is not an issue. Data on floppy disk – Refers to the 3½", 5¼" and 8" floppy disks, because when waved around they are floppy (at least the 5¼" discs were very flexible). Floppy discs are Computers are an important part of business these days, and businesses generally have multiple computers supplying each office employee with a complete personal computer system. Then the personal computers are linked together through an intranet so that employees may share information. Sharing information enables the company to stay abreast of the needs of its current and potential customers. The way data is compiled and stored is imperative to the success of business trends. Companies use a variety of methods for data collection, input, storage, output; some of these methods and their uses are: Printed questionnaires – Useful to question people who do not have computer access; they can generate a higher level of responses and can give replies that are more accurate. Having a database prepared for the questionnaire replies, and having trained professional data-entry personnel to enter the information into the database would ensure the best chance for accurate results as well as having the most efficient research reports. Telephone surveys – Reach people who do not access the internet, thus giving a perspective of a different group of people. There are professional companies that specialize in phone surveys, and some companies have their own phone data collection departments. Bank checks – Software programs encrypted to security of data, reduces duplication of information, and makes reconciliation a breeze. There are several software programs for processing checking accounts, such as Quicken, and most banking systems use Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). Retail tags – Help merchants tag and track their inventory. Many grocery and retail...

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