Input Devices

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1. Where does the name QWERTY keyboard come from ?
The name QWERTY comes from the first six letters on the top row of the alphabet keys. 2. Why do think the QWERTY keyboard is the most popular method of data entry? The QWERTY keyboard is the most popular method of entering data because an easy way of usage and when you get used to it you start typing faster 3. Who might make use of a concept keyboard?

A concept keyboard might be used by a fast food restaurant and primary schools… 4. What are the benefits of using a concept keyboard ?
The benefits of using a concept keyboard
5. Explain why a mouse often called a pointing device
A mouse is often called a pointing device because it enables you to control what happens on the screen by moving the mouse on your desk and pointing, clicking and selecting items on the screen. 6. Describe the difference between a mouse and tracker ball

The difference between a mouse and a tracker ball are that a trackerball moved against two internal rollers to record the direction that the mouse was being moved in and a mouse uses 'optical' or 'wireless' technology to track mouse movement. 7. Which type of input device would you use if you were going to play a ‘shoot ‘em up’ computer game If you were going to play a shoot em up computer game you would use a joystick 8. Who is likely to use a graphics tablet and why?

Graphics tablets are most likely to be used by graphics designers and illustrators because it is much more natural to draw diagrams with a pencil type implement (the stylus) rather than with a mouse and its very accurate 9. Explain briefly how scanners work

A scanner works by shining a beam of light onto the surface of the object that you are scanning. This light is then reflected back onto a sensor that detects the colour of the light. This is then used to build up the digital image. 10. Explain why automated input devices allow more accurate input...
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