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Innovative Thinking Essay: The Use of Social Networking Sites in Education Syracuse University

Innovative Thinking Essay: The Use of Social Networking Sites in Education Before accepted by the Syracuse University, I studied Information Management as an undergraduate in China. Although I learned a great deal at my old school, I have to admit that there are problems in teaching method which affecting the quality of education negatively. We barely had any online courses, work or discussion. All students need to attend lectures, hand in their assignments, ask questions and talk with their classmates in the classroom. It seems that when we go out of the classroom, we have no access to communication and knowledge. The traditional educational method fails to stimulate the students' initiative of study and sense of cooperation, to bring students and teachers closer and to guide students to arrange their spare time reasonably. In this case, why don't we apply the e-learning tools or platforms to teach? As we enter the digital age, a crucial important revolution which involves technologies for knowledge and information production and dissemination is taking place. These new technologies allow users to take distance-learning courses within the framework of interactive teacher-student relations and to have massive amounts of information available on their desktops (David, 2002). However the educational methods, techniques and software tools do not always keep the pace with the new information technologies (Stanciu, 2012). For example, the social networking sites, a popular kind of social online service, are used regularly by students and teachers, but not yet treated as an instrument for education (Stanciu, 2012). Therefore I will put forward my solutions about adoption of social networking sites in education and analyze the challenges if we consider social networking as an educational environment. First of all, universities should expand their online arsenals to...
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