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Topics: Autism, Non-profit organization, Fundraising Pages: 11 (3231 words) Published: August 23, 2013
We have a good number of various types of disabled people in our society. If they are properly trained, they can substantially contribute instead of becoming burden to others. In developed and developing countries, Government takes the responsibility for training and rehabilitating these people. In Bangladesh, our Government has also taken many measures of this kind but those are not enough. To multiply the effort, like many other countries, there are some organizations established and run by the parents and guardians of disabled people.

Autism is a kind of disability usually identified in children at the age between 18 months to 3 years. The affected children suffer from mainly 3 difficulties. These are: Verbal or non verbal communication, Impaired social inter-action and limited activities/interest with rigidity in thinking and repetitive behaviour. These children may improve and live a close to normal life if appropriate intervention and proper training is imparted in time. Though we have many organizations in Bangladesh working with various fields of disability but there is hardly any quality institute developed exclusively for the autistic children.

The problem further aggravated with the unavailability of any training centre to train trainers or teachers to work with autistic children. Similarly, there is no facility available for the training or motivation of parents or caregivers of autistic children. We neither have any centre for caring a child for the whole day nor do we have any residential training facility. The dream of rehabilitation is not yet even thought off. At this backdrop, we started the ‘Autistic Children Foundation of Bangladesh (ACFB)’. The foundation is purely a non profitable organization, established exclusively for the welfare of the autistic children.

The main purpose of choosing this idea is the willingness of do some Philanthrophic activities.

‘Autistic Children Foundation of Bangladesh (ACFB)’ is a voluntary, non-profit, non-political, non-government and social welfare organization. ACFB believes in unity, discipline and co-operation.Its founding principle is to be a centre of excellence for children diagnosed with autism and provide a variety of services and develop facilities for individuals with autism all over Bangladesh in order to give them total support to reach their maximum potential and lead independent, productive and secure lives in a structured, safe and caring environment. ACFB aims to improve the quality of life of individuals with autism and their families. Services include diagnosis, assessment, clinical facilities, education, vocational training, package program, adult work and activity program, home rehabilitation program and residential facility.ACFB also aims to provide counseling and training to parents of individuals with autism, set up a resource centre, raise awareness in order to create better understanding of autism throughout the country and lobby to the government in order to establish the rights of individuals with autism.

Equal opportunity, empowerment of our children through sustainable development by different training and rehabilitation programme to our children in need. Acquire social rights; develop awareness amongst general people through awareness & advocacy with correct information, proper education, make available required care and services through conduct of proper research.

To assist autistic children to have a normal life through appropriate intervention, training and rehabilitation. of individuals with autism within a structured, happy and caring environment allowing them to grow in confidence and independence, to feel safe and secure and to achieve their maximum potential. Create employment opportunities inside and outside enabling them to participate and integrate in...

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