Innovative Ideas for Stress Management at Workplace

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Title :

Innovative Ideas for Stress Management at the work place.

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Abstract :

It is a well known fact that Work Stress is a bye product of all the human activity which surely affects an individual’s health and performance over a period of time. Human resource is the most vital component of any commercial, non-commercial, Government or Private organization functioning in any sector all over the globe. It has been seen that work stress is a highly cognitive phenomena and requires proper techniques to manage. It is a challenging task for the managers today to find the various causes of stress and eliminate them so as to reduce the negative impact on the employees mind. However, it is a stressful task to identify the exact stressors in a given work set up because judging each employee’s psychological response to a given aspect of work is extremely difficult.

Many renowned international authors like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Paul Wilson, Allen Elkin, Steve Ross, Jay M.D., Claire Michaels etc have discussed stress management and related issues at length in their precious books. A large number books on Yoga and Stress management authored by many Indian subject experts are also available, but what will be the most easy to adopt technique/s is a area open for research even today.

Our research paper will be an effort to suggest some practical, innovative and unique stress management techniques which would be useful for building successful business organizations.

Innovative Ideas for Stress Management at the work place.

Problem definition :

It is a well established fact that Stress is experienced in various forms by each human being living on this planet earth. Many authors, thinkers, psychologists, philosophers across the globe have propounded different theories for explaining the causes, effects of stress and also a wide variety of solutions thereto for benefit of the society at large.

Stress, when accumulated and sustained over a longer period of time causes tension, irritation, bouts of anger ,loss of optimism , resentment to work, loss of creativity and many other negativities are formed in a person’s mind. Gradually ,excessive stress results in loss of energy, illness, absenteeism, prolonged sickness, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure etc.

Even successful people, many times are unable to cope up with the pressures of the time and circumstances and environment. They are constantly under tensions and worries due to various situations. It affects their body and mind It leads to depression which in turn has an adverse impact on their life and performance. The negative impacts are due purely to their mental attitudes towards their lives and circumstances.  People forget the fact that, “Success or failure is caused more by mental attitudes than my mental capabilities.”  And “No condition or set of circumstances is in itself a calamity to be feared. It is our reaction to it that makes it a ‘waterloo’ or a field of triumph.”  

The power of the mind over the body is already established scientifically.  Yet people do not know how to use their mental power to their advantage to succeed in their life. If only people can understand and identify their own inner strength and potential of what they are capable of doing, then it will not be difficult to achieve success and it becomes a routine, a habit and a way of life. The exploits of the proverbial Hanuman, in the epic Ramayana is a concrete example of how a person can achieve the impossible when he comes to understand his own potential and inner power. When Hanuman refused to...

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