Innovative Business Skills

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Hammud Hussein AliEmrah Yildiz
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In the beginning she was part of the group;
however, due to insufficient participation and
involvement in the project, she is excluded.

Project scope: October- November 2012

“Creativity perpetually invents itself”“Want, the mistress of invention Paul PalnikSusanna Centlivre

We did benefit a lot from both of the Innovative Business Skills class and guest lecturers in year four. After several weeks training, we grew a deep impression on innovation, out-of-the box thinking, creative thinking and brainstorming. During the study, we were appointed to do an assignment based on our study trip. Our main objective of this assignment is to put into practice what we have learned during the guest lectures and trainings. During our teamwork, we steered and regulated our own development with regard to learning, working whilst focusing on results, taking the initiative and acting independently. The members of our team have different nationalities; we developed a professional attitude with space for standardised cultural aspects, respect for others, a professional code and ethical principles for acting professionally while working together. In a word, we would like to appreciate the opportunity offered by Ms.ManonNiesten to work on such an interesting project. Furthermore, we are very grateful for the efforts of Mr.Wilbers and Mr.Verboeket during the visit to Zaragoza. They sacrificed their time and personal capital (without remuneration) to make our visit to Zaragoza as flawless as possible.

October 2012

Emrah YildizHamud AliZhaoren HuangMariette Mensink


The emphasis in this report is focused on the creative way of thinking for the assignment of Innovative Business Skills. Our group was designated as a consultancy firm, which is asked by the city council of Zaragoza to develop a new product or service for the city. The aim is to add value to its inhabitants. Nowadays, Spain is suffering from financial deficit, leading to the mistrust of Spain economy. Many stakeholders suffer from this issue and are desperate for a solution. This is the opportunity for us to take action and implement different ways of creative thinking in order to come with feasible solutions. A visit to the city has been a very useful opportunity to observe the current situation with our own eyes instead relying on news feeds from the region as well as others news resources. Before we went to Zaragoza for the study trip in the second week of November, we had already started the desk research on the destination in order to gain background information about the target market. After an extensive research, we decided to design a career event, which may bring great benefit for local students or youngsters in Zaragoza. During our study trip in Zaragoza, we performed field research to gain both information about the local interests and the feasibility of the idea. We made a research to observe how the career event idea would be perceived from the perspective of representatives of several organizations. We would like to come to the conclusion whether both parties of the career event, the student and the companies, were willing to take participation in it as well.


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