Innovation Strategy

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Innovation Strategy

STR/581 April 22, 2013

Team C has chosen Apple Corporation to use for this assignment.“Apple is the innovator for consumer technology” according to a March 2013 article on titled "Apple Cash, Margins And Innovation: The Obvious Strategy.” Apple did not invent the music player, computer nor cellular phone but has made their products so recognizable that is difficult to have a conversation regarding the latter without including the Apple brand. Their innovation strategies have resulted in the popularity of iPods, iPhones, iPads and iTunes. As this company continues to push boundaries, “it is anticipated that Apple will introduce an iWatch which is speculated to provide alert messages such as texts, emails or incoming calls this year and an iTelevision with IOS interface next year”("Apple Cash, Margins And Innovation: The Obvious Strategy", 2013).

Apple has built an Innovation Factory – one that harnesses creativity in its people, stimulating new ideas, and launching successful, profitable new innovations...Apple leverages its diverse culture, innovation processes, partners and networks to seize the new opportunities in the marketplace and grow its business, exponentially ("Apple'S Innovation Strategy, Innovation Process & Innovation Model", n.d.). Incremental and breakthrough innovation and approaches have resulted in continuous improvements as Apple has become a trusted household name. Incremental and Breakthrough Innovation

The Apple Corporation has had many innovations throughout the life of the firm. Some of the innovations were incremental or small improvements to a current product offered by the company while other changes are breakthroughs in their technology. Apple’s innovation strategy has been to have a healthy balance of both incremental and breakthrough innovations to the product offerings, but the key to their...

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