Innovation and Change

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Innovation and Change II
BSBINN601A :Manage Organisational Change
Assessment: Changing Management Plan

Aged Care Industry background
The statistics can be astounding, according with aged care online (2011)If dementia were a country, it would be the world’s 18th largest economy. If dementia was a company it would exceed American giant Wal-Mart’s profits by almost US$200 billion and Exxon Mobil’s profits by almost $US300 billion. The sheer cost and growth of dementia means that according to Alzheimer’s Australia, Australia will face a shortage of 150,000 paid and unpaid carers by 2029. One of the causes of this is the growing demand for skilled workers to provide care for the elderly, particularly those with dementia. Alzheimer Australia reports that dementia is growing by 1,500 cases per week in Australia and that figure is expected to rise to 7,400 cases a week by 2050 (unless a medical breakthrough or cure is found). Leaders in the aged care industry have also voiced concerns about the growing need for aged care workers. Kathy Forrest, Managing Director and owner of Dutiful Daughters spoke to Australian Ageing Agenda magazine about the challenges the industry faces. ‘I think the challenge arises from the sheer number of people who will require care in the coming years’ (May/June 2010) she said. By choosing to work in aged care, you will be working in one of Australia’s fastest growing industries and an industry where skilled workers are in demand. As an industry aged care is growing by 3%, compared to the health care and social assistance sector which is growing by 1%. Overall the health care and social assistance sector employs 10.6% of the Australia population, making it the second largest

Domain Principal Group
The Domain Principal Group DPG, ( Australia’s largest privately operated aged care provider, is committed to providing superior levels of residential aged care services to all residents and peace of mind for their families. DPG has 58 residences nationwide and offers all levels of aged care including, low, high and dementia care as well as respite services. Many properties also offer extra services. All residents at Domain Principal Group homes benefit from a range of features, spacious accommodation, dietician reviewed meals as well as inspiring communal and garden areas to ensure that residents can live comfortably and enjoy their surrounds.

A. Internal Forces of Change

1. Corporate strategy

Researching DPG website (2012), until 2008 Principal Stanmore Nursing Homebelonged to the corporation Ramsay Healthcare, which main corporate strategy was the development of a high quality portfolio of strategicallylocated hospitals, which had helped to position the Company at the forefront of the healthcare market. But in 2008 the new CEO Pat Grier AM, has been appointed non‐executive Chairman of Domain Principal Group (DPG), Australia’s largest privately‐owned aged care organisation, which new corporate strategy is to provide high‐quality, affordable care on a large scale, but also issues to face as an industry to ensure that those who need care, are able to access it effectively

2. The workforce

According with Domain Principal Group website (title: Why Domain Principal Group?) has the commitment to Enhancing Lives extends beyond the residents to its employees. DPG does this by offering to its staff the following:

* Ongoing education and career development
* National career opportunities
* Flexible working arrangements
* Supportive working environments
* Employee Benefits Programs

DPG values the diversity that different skills and talents bring to the organisation and we actively support and encourage our staff to consistently excel beyond expectations.

Under Ramsay Health Care website, before 2008, the workplace was a commitment to the health and safety of the employees and all persons who visit the workplace.They believed...

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