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Table of Contents Uniliver is to become a globally innovative company

At Unilever we want to build and environment in every part of our business which will foster innovative thinking and action. We have looked at what our competitors and other industry leaders in their own fields are doing right and wrong and believe that we as a whole from the bottom up need to embrace innovation in everything we do. To see how important innovation is to being a successful business not just now but into the future we just need to look at the IT sector of Google and Facebook and how they are continually looking for new and innovative ways to grow and expand their individual company’s while also making our world easier. One of the most common catch phases of today for when you do know an answer to a question is “Google it”. We want Uniliver to be as much a part of people’s lives as Google has become through hard work and innovation. What is the motivation for change/innovation in the company?

Companies which are concerned with their bottom line which should be most companies during these past 10 years of financial and business terminal should be concerned about innovation. NESTA research found that companies which launched a product innovation in 2004-5 experienced a 10% growth in sales in the 2004-7 almost double rival companies who failed to innovate. Innovation is not along a win for profit margins of the company but is also a driving factor wider employment benefits. The more profitable and successful the company the more security jobs are and employment growth rate. WHAT IS INNOVATION????

Innovation starts with an idea……
An idea can come from nowhere. But often they die or fade away unless they are given the right environment and fertile ground to develop. A goal, a dream, an outlandish demand which pushes our current expectations and or reality often may spark innovation. And at Unilever that is the environment and culture we are striving to create not just at head office but from the ground up on the factory floor, on the roads, in the office and hopefully even in our customers. Ideas should be shared through collaboration of thoughts and ideas from as many different backgrounds and fields to build upon the initial idea and implement and explore new ideas. Groups and teams are very important in this process. Innovation is nothing without invention

Innovation is about exploring and envisioning both the future and the past when looking at our current products, processes and how to change, improve or reengineer them. You should try to surround yourself with people who will challenge the status quo, make you think in different directions and ways. People who moan and groan and complain may hold the key to the next great innovation. Innovation is a very broad term used often too often in today’s world. Innovation simply put is the development and application of ideas to improve the way we do, interact and achieve. Innovation is not just confined to the creation of a new product it can produce change in all areas of business from how we create and implement marketing ideas and campaign to the finance department billing techniques to the times and locations we manufacture goods. Innovation is not a loan genius sitting in his/her ivory castle but the collaboration of many people from different departments and backgrounds contributing towards the creation and implementation of new ideas and we need your input. One thing to always keep in the back of your mind doing something new or doing something differently does not automatically mean you are being creative. In a classic...
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