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Investigate how innovation can create competitive advantage for Nokia in Great Britain Chapter one:
Background of the study:
21st century of the market growth is depends on innovation. There have many marketing tools as we can use for growing up the business, but in this situation, researcher preferred innovation, which is really need to develop and rapidly progress for the business with their existing or new product. Innovation require for thoughtful structure of solid management process and making a creative culture in organization. The companies can create their own ideas, and innovation helps to select the right ideas for implementation. Organization can develop new strategies and business model by innovation. Innovation not only represent how to grow up the business, it is also making the specific direction of the organization. We can say (invention + exploitation = innovation). “Innovation is the creation of any product, service or process which is new to the business unit” Tushman and Nadler (1996). In addition, the management guru Peter Drucker observes, “innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit changes as an opportunity” (Drucker, 1985). The survey of Boston Consulting Group reported that in 2004 inside and outside of the organizations, that 90 per cent of them believe in innovation is a strategic priority. The consulting firm Strategos research also confirmed that innovation is the way to growing up all sectors of the business or organizations and its importance. Mainly innovation as an outcome, also innovation is a value-adding process in product, services, thoughts or beliefs and behaviours. So making changes to something established by introducing something new that adds value to customers is the process of innovation. On the other hand, we need to understand the consumer behaviour. Researcher also focuses on consumer because their way to purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of the product and services need to find it out. How individual and households make their decision based on money, time and effort also how often they buy it, use it and evaluate it after purchase in that way the effect of such evaluation on future buying those product and at the end how they disposing all of those included in consumer behaviour. So for innovation we need to concern about the related consumer or buyer. There have two different of consumer, first one is personal consumer and another one is organizational consumer. Personal consumer buys goods and services for their own use, organizational consumers included profit, and non-profit organization, government agencies and institutions, they buying products, services to run their own organizations. Mostly I will focus on individual consumer who purchase their products and service for own use. For transforms, ideas into output we need to follow innovation process, which is increase the customer value. By the process, it is possible to gather both good and bad ideas. In management of the innovation process, distinguish bad ideas from the good ones and helps to select important ideas to nurturing good ones. In this way, rare resources can be out and good ideas spotlighted. This study mainly focus on innovation also the customer behaviour and how innovation work as a key driver of firm growth, with a market survey, interview from the organizations also employer and employees with their consumer. After the data, collection procedures help to analysis and evaluating the data. I have an individual interest on marketing sector as a student of business faculty. I would like to do research including of my complete sincerely.

Background of the company:
In 1865 when a Finn engineer Fredric Idestram got the authorization for assembly of a wood factory at the river Nokia in Finland at that time Nokia started their journey and this long time ago, Nokia Corporation was founded. At the beginning the factory effectively launched the...
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