Innovar Renovation

Topics: Marketing, Cosmetics, Hairstyle Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Executive Summary
Rinnovar International Inc.(RI) is a big company selling cosmetics, fragrance and skincare products located in America. The goal of the company is to expand its domestic and overseas markets, it is seeking to buy an established company instead of expanding through organic growth. Merge another company to complement its weakness as its products are made in high-cost US factories is a good choice, by which, it hopes to produce more innovative cosmetic products and to have a wider products range. Introduction

This report will look at:
* The type of business
* The financial condition
* The management
* The ownership
* The location
Mumbai Herbal Products is famous for bath and shower products compared with the other three companies. They also have a very strong research and development department. During the past three years, Mumbai had an extraordinary financial performance. However, management structure of Mumbai need to be improved by decreasing the relatives of founders who just have little experiences. Owners of Mumbai like to equally share the equity and profits instead of being completely controlled by Rinnovar. Good Earth is the youngest company which was found in 1992. Good earth has outstanding social and environmental performance. They are using natural ingredients to make products and do not test them on animals. Global financial crisis had a negative impact on Good Earth expansion plan and Good Earth next three years profits are adversely affected by their massive investments in overseas plants. Good Earth is a family owned business. As a result, there might be some troubles on Good Earth’s corporate governance because the ownership and the management are combined together. To acquire Good Earth, Rinnovar have to offer an undeniable buying price to the Lopez family who wants to keep a majority shareholding. Type of business:

According to the research, Hondo Beauty Products is a Korean company, was...
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