Innocent Plead Guilty

Topics: Plea, Pleas, Law Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What it means to for a innocent person to enter the guilty plea, is that there is a possibility that when entering guilty plea they could possible get charged with a lesser crime. It is known that if someone was to go in front of a jury and get charged with a crime it will be a much larger sentencing time than if the defendant would of taken a plea bargain in the first place. So in this day and time it could be easier for someone to see the outside world again to just take a plea bargain and plea guilty to something rather than taking it to trial or trying to prove there selves innocent. Or for instance if someone was to get pulled over for speeding and a officer finds some type of drug in the vehicle. Now the suspect driving the vehicle may not have a clue whose drug paraphernalia it is, and is clear of all drugs. Instead of taking this case to trial etc, the defendant could just choose to plead guilty because if he goes to trial and is found guilty, the judge may punish him for going to trial and not sentencing him to judicial supervision. Where in judicial supervision the case could cause another 2 years for the supervision. Also it would be much harder to try to prove yourself not guilty in a crime, due to the evidence. There has to be some time of evidence there on someone for them to even be involved in the crime. So instead of spending years and time trying to prove there selves not guilty some innocent people will just plea guilty. Another reason as to why some innocent people plea guilty is due to finances. It cost a ton of money to prove yourself innocent especially since you have already been charged with a crime. There are some people who do not have the money to fight the charge so they just plea guilty to avoid all the expenses with lawyers and things. So to make things as manageable as possible for the innocent they may just plea guilty to get the situation over with.
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