Innerwear Market

Topics: Brassiere, Lingerie, Brand Pages: 10 (3029 words) Published: August 12, 2011

Jyoti Aggarwa (lecturer)l and Dr. Charu Gupta(Reader)
Department of Textiles and Clothing
Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi, India


The innerwear market in India is currently valued at Rs. 5160 crore in value terms and 80.16 crore units in volume terms The Indian lingerie industry is poised for a great leap ahead due to the growing domestic demand coupled with huge export potential. There are more than 1000 Indian brands present, but only 200 are active nation wide. The remaining cater to markets in the vicinity of their manufacture. The Last decade has witnessed inflow of many multinational brands in the Indian innerwear market. Many foreign companies have already set up or are in the process of setting up their manufacturing units in India in collaboration with local players. India’s vast resources, skilled manpower and infrastructure attracts a lot of foreign investment in the field of innerwear.

This paper brings to light the product offerings of Indian manufacturers and their comparison with multinational brands. Leading brands present in Indian lingerie market have been studied under the heads of year of establishment, retail presence, styles of products offered, price range and the best selling categories. The data has been gathered by personal interviews of twenty lingerie manufacturers. Two hundred Indian consumers have also been surveyed to collect information regarding popularity of brands and consumer preferences. Analysis of data brings out comparison of the product mix of Indian and multinational brands. It also highlights consumer preferences and gaps to be filled between demand and supply.

The paper would benefit that segment of the industry that plan to set up their business in India, in terms of market segmentation and consumer preferences.


Many multinational manufacturers offering multitude of products consider India as a destination market. Potential of this huge market is reflected through the demographic picture (as of July 2003 estimates): •1.059 billion population

319 million females between 15-64 years
30 percent of 95 million of that are considered middle class with enough disposable income to be defined as “real consumers”. (Figure: 1), Source: Images Business of Fashion, August 2005, Vol.VI No. VIII

Analysing the growth of Indian apparel market, brings out the fact that innerwear segment is growing at a much faster rate than the other segments (Fig.1). The innerwear market in the country for the year 2004 is valued at Rs. 5,160 crore in value terms, registering a growth rate of 13.91% over 2003, when it stood at Rs. 4,530 crore. The volume appreciated about 5.72% at 80.16 crore units in 2004 as compared to about 75.82 crore units sold in 2003. On the overall basis, volume as well as value growth in the innerwear market was marginally higher in 2004 as compared to 2003. However, the (Figure: 2), Source: Images Business of Fashion, August 2005, Vol.VI No. VIII value growth in both men’s undergarments and women’s lingerie segments was more than double the growth in volumes. The growth in volume was 7% while value went up by nearly 17% (Fig.: 2).

Market Players
The innerwear market is flooded with the best of Indian as well as international brands. The inside story got its first stylish boost when Associated Apparels Pvt. Ltd. makers of Liberty shirts, launched the world famous Maiden Form bras, Jockey men’s underwear and swimwear in 1962 in India. The brands were an instant success with their style and quality. Because of the change in government policies the company gave the overseas tie-up and changed the names to Libertina for lingerie and Liberty for men’s underwear in the late 70s. With the success of Libertina and Liberty other Indian companies moved into lingerie bandwagon. Peter Pan from Dawn Mills in...
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