Inner Strength

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It seems so natural to be myself these days, so I don’t regularly think about what I have been through to be who I am today. I am not certain of how many more mountains will take place in my life for me to climb, but I only know that I am ready to climb them because of the ups and downs I’ve climbed in the past.

Playing piano today is one of my hobbies that I enjoy doing. Many years ago when I was in the process of learning, playing piano was nothing but stressful, laborious, and simply another mountain to climb. It was only through those years of hard work that I am finally enjoying playing piano today.

When I was in Lower Elementary School, I didn’t receive good grades. As the years went by and I moved up to Upper Elementary School, my studies started becoming harder. When I was in 4th grade, I decided to do my best and to start receiving better grades. However, no matter how hard I tried I sometimes failed to get all A’s that year. Studying was tough and most of the time it worn me out, but I kept pressing on. Then, before I even knew it, I started receiving all A’s on my report cards starting 5th grade. If I hadn’t faced Lower Elementary and the grades I used to get back then, I wouldn’t have the strength today to keep pressing on.

I attended PICS for seven years. During those years, I built strong relationships with my friends there. Leaving them behind was one the hardest things I’ve faced. Once I left PICS and moved to ICS-U, I was very lonely. I was very loved here, but missing my friends at PICS had made me blind. Of course, I couldn’t stay that way for long, so I decided to accept the fact that I could not be so close to them anymore and that I couldn’t become so weak every time I had to say goodbye in the future. This is when I moved on and started being strong again. There surely will be many times in the future when I will have to say goodbye to people I love, and I think that moving from PICS to ICS-U has prepared me....
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