Inner Journey- My Place

Topics: Family / Pages: 4 (929 words) / Published: May 24th, 2012
“The concept of inner journey is represented in spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery and the gaining of wisdom” Sally Morgan, throughout the story of my place embarks on an inner journey of discovering who she is. By piecing together her families past, she slowly and unwillingly discovers who she is, understands who she is and is responsible for her families inner journey too. From a young age Sally was asking questions. She was curious of her heritage. When asking Nan and Mum what she was, they replied “Tell them you’re Indian.” From a young age, Sally had been told a lie, as it was thought that it would protect her. This white lie begins an inner journey of self-discovery as Sally tries to discover who she really is.
Sally at a young age felt like an outcast, even though she was told that she was just like every other child by her parents. This is because she is being raised white. In chapter 3 Sally says: “I felt different from the other children in my class. They were the spick-and-span brigade, and I, the grubby offender.” She feels isolated, but has no explanation to why she is. This is where Sally subconsciously starts her inner journey. From this moment she begins to wonder why she is different. She realises that her life is lacking meaning; she is low on self-confidence and self-worth. She is still trying to understand western culture or a ‘white lifestyle’ as this is how she is being raised. In chapter two, Sally draws her family in the nude, as “It hadn’t occurred to me you were meant to draw them with clothes on.” There is still a strong sense of Aboriginality in her instinctive actions, although she is too young to realise at this age. In chapter five she begins to pretend she is sick to avoid going to school because: “All my lessons seemed unrelated to real life.” Sally wants to learn about practical things that are a part of the culture she does not know about within her. This is why school seems pointless to her.
As Sally begins to mature,

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