Inner Journey

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Inner journeys
An inner journey is the challenge of self reflection. Everybody has their own inner journey that is caused by certain events that happen in their lives and causes growth, understanding and change in perception of themself and the world. There is obvious inner journeys that the characters in Othello, Thelma and Louise, and the Wizard of Oz.
Shakespeare’s play Othello is the story of a man in the military, who meets the woman of his dreams and woos her over with his beautiful story telling. Othello comes across as a very smart man who respects everyone who he crosses paths with, he is the nice guy. Desdemona’s father has no idea of the relationship and believes Othello must have drugged his daughter for her to even think about being with a black man. Othello and Desdemona are madly in love but Iago has an evil plot to ruin their love as he is jealous that Othello gave Cassio a promotion and not him.
During the cause of the play Othello, the character Othello goes through an inner journey resulting from being “betrayed” by Desdemona. Iago comes up with a plot to make Othello think that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio, he does this by getting his wife Emillia to steal Desdemona’s special handkerchief, which Othello gave to her as a gift, and he places it in Cassio’s room to try and frame them. When Othello finds out about Desdemona’s apparent betrayal and does not know what to do, he goes from being a kind loving man at the start to an angry upset man who ends up killing his wife. After he kills Desdemona he realises he shouldn’t have done it as she was set up, this causes him to take his own life because he can’t live knowing that he killed an innocent lady. Shakespeare uses the technique of soliloquies to show the audience/reader of the inner journey that Othello goes on.
Another text that shows the concept of an inner journey is the movie Thelma and Louise. The movie starts with the two women living fairly boring and controlled lives,

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