Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty

Topics: Human physical appearance, Nutrition, Beauty Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: March 3, 2012
Inner Beauty
Outer Beauty

Inner and outer beauties are both needed to feel good about you. Together, they make you who you are. While outer beauty gives off a more physical effect on the body, inner beauty has more of a psychological effect on the mind. Everyone knows that feeling beautiful or seeing something beautiful is a wonderful thing. Being beautiful on the outer is great, but if you do not feel it on the inside, it may feel pointless. Beauty is needed both inner and outer for almost everything. Beauty is what forms a person, place, and things.

Inner and Outer beauty is put together as a whole. It is about the qualities that may give pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear or think about. It is an excellence of its kind. Being beautiful can be a wonderful feeling, where it is pleasing or satisfying. There are many qualities of beauty. It can be from your health, by taking care of yourself. Health is not just about your physical appearance. It is about your social, mental, spiritual, environmental, and emotional state of being. It is about your over all wellness. Character is another quality of beauty. It is about who you are as a person. It is about having confidence without being arrogant. Respecting other is also very important. Always treat others as you want to be treated. That has always been the golden rule. As long as we follow this rule, we should not judge others before we get to know them. Being a beautiful person is your choice, not anyone else’s. Be confident in yourself, and you will feel better too! Inner and outer beauties also have their differences too, but they show you who you really are.

Inner beauty is the psychological feeling you have about yourself and what you feel others see in you. It is the thoughts you have about yourself. Focusing on yourself can help improve how you feel about yourself. Do not change the way you are for others, you should love yourself and be positive about the person you are. If you change, do...
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