Inner and Physical Beauty

Topics: Beauty, Physical Appearance, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Inner and Physical Beauty

Beauty is a form, a character that a person has which can define as anything that appeals the other person. Let it be your personality, your looks or even your habits, beauty can have different forms. Physical beauty can be a person’s features, complexion, or figure. Inner beauty can consist of habits, sense humor, and personality traits. Beauty is perceptive and the definition of beauty keeps on changing based on what every individual thinks or looks in another person.

What is the first thing you notice when you meet a person? The first thing I notice is the person’s appearance. You can’t know someone’s inner self right off the bat. You can try to figure out a vague image of how the other person is by how they dress, but like I said, it’ll be vague and inaccurate. It takes time to discover one’s inner beauty. You can’t be sure. There is one main difference between physical and inner beauty. Physical beauty is when you are beautiful on the outside, like being pretty or handsome. Inner beauty is when you are a kind person, helpful and nice towards other people. Inner beauty reflects outer beauty, without inner beauty there is no value for outer beauty. Inner beauty is what you actually are and outer beauty is what you appear to other people. It is better to focus on your inner beauty than the outer one. You succeed because of your good personality and compatibility not with your good looks. Okay, physical beauty does matter but that doesn’t necessarily mean being naturally beautiful only. Having a good physical beauty can also mean one who takes care of themselves or to be presentable. It doesn’t matter if you have a complexion problem or figure issues. Those who judge people by their physical beauty are like those people who just read the front or back of a story book and judge how it will be. It’s the inner beauty that matters in your personal life and it’s the physical appearance that matters in your official life. You need to be...
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