Inland Clearance Depot (Icd)

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Inland Clearance Depot


What is meant by ICD?

Inland clearance depot, A common-user inland facility with public or private status and situated at convenient points usually in industrial and commercial areas often outside the limits of any port or airport and it is operated by a consortium or other approved body.

Functions and facilities

It equipped with fixed installations which provide facilities for the entry, examination and clearance of goods imported or exported in containers, railway train ferry wagons, unit loads or other approved methods and offering services for handling and temporary storage of any kind of goods (including container) carried under Customs transit by any applicable mode of inland surface transport placed under Customs control and with Customs and other agencies competent to clear the goods for home use, warehousing, temporary admission, re-export, temporary storage for onward transit and outright export.

ICD Layout

ICD Layout
ICD Requirements

• Sufficient land to handle traffic (now/later). • Complete fencing (actual & future). • Rail spurs. • Road connections. • Communications links with port & key location. • Customs offices.

Equipments needed in ICD

• Rail-mounted gantries (best, expensive). • Straddle carriers (acceptable, high maintenance). • Front/side loaders (not very suitable, easy to maintain., large area required) • Proper surfacing of grounds. • Container Freight Station facilities (small forklifts)

[pic][pic][pic] Rail-mounted gantries Straddle carriers Front/side loaders

The main reasons for building ICD

This facility has been inaugurated in recent years to reduce the formalities that have to be observed at the ship’s side.

- To let cargo transit from/to ports to/from ICDs in bond; - To facilitate the use of block trains. - To provide interchange points under Customs control. - To provide nodal

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