Ink Out of Yellowbell

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In partial Fulfillment of the requirements in Physics

Ink out of Yellowbell flower

The world today is suffering for an economic crisis; many people seem to realize the importance of each item that needs to be bought. Ink is an ordinary item but prevalent in everyday use. Ball pens, pentel pens, markers and everything that provides ink for its functions are expensive that not all people can afford. That’s why the researcher investigated a project that can help lessen the economic crisis for the production of ink. 

I. Introduction
Statement of the problem
In school and office, we usually use pentel pens and markers.However, the marker inks which we often used are to expensive to buy for a student like me. In times we need it the most, is also the time when we don’t have the ink. It is very hassle to go out in the school or office just to buy a marker ink. The marker ink which we usually used has bad odor that’s why it is sometimes bad for our health.

The objective of this project is to create an ink which is easy to produce and to get and also to recycle organic materials.

The ink that will be produced will be a little bit pale in color And the product, somehow will have unexpected results.

Significance of the study
Creating this product will help you create a valuable things out of organic materials that could be found somewhere.

Scope and limitations of the study
This study covers only mostly about flowers and fruits that could be used to produce ink. However, using other material may not work effectively.

Inclusive dates and places of study
Thursday, July 25, 2013 at Urduja Village Camarin Caloocan City, in a court, we shared informations we know and brought to a project like this.

II. Review of related literatures and studies

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