Injustices: God and Younger Sister

Topics: God, Justice, Debut albums Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Social injustices are part of our lives. It does not only affect one’s life but it affects the society or the people. Conde was the mastermind in killing the father of Mano because Mano had the video showing that Conde is really connected with the famous drug lord syndicate. But in the end, he was not arrested because of his money and he has a lot of connections. I believe that it is social injustice because it does not only affect the life of Mano but also the life of his younger sister, his grandmother, his friend and relatives. It is social injustice because Conde should be arrested and he should pay all of what he did to the father of Mano. The father of Mano is not only a toy that can be treated like that, he is also a human that should respect and he also needs a justice. Justice that will make change not only to the life of Mano but also in the life of his younger sister, grandmother, friend and relatives. This injustice continually happens because of people who have more money, power and connection and because of the ignorance of the poor people. This also happens because of lost of trust of people to the different official, attorney and judge. People who had more powers and money will always be on the top or they will always have the judge side. In reality here in the Philippines if you don’t have that money and power, justice denied and justice delayed. For poor people, justice only appears for those who had money and power. For them justice don’t really exist, it only exist for those people who are capable of having good attorneys or lawyer that will really fight for them no matter what happens. For people who can’t afford to have good attorney, they just wait until the verdict will came and they expected that they lose over the people who have more power, money and has a connections. For them no matter what will be the verdict if they know that they are in the right path or they are not guilty it is ok for them because in the God will always have the...
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