Injustice: Fiction and Late King Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, Fiction, Marriage Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: May 6, 2013
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark". The novel, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare revolves around injustice and how the main character goes on trying to fix this injustice. Shakespeare utilizes literary techniques such as allusion and setting to evoke sympathy for the victims from the audience. This injustice starts to involve more and more people as the story continues.

The novel starts with the death of Hamlet's father, who was the King of Denmark, and it was believed that a snake had poisoned him in his sleep. Later in the story, the ghost of the King reveals that his uncle, Claudius, had actually committed the murder to become the king because Hamlet was too young as the next heir to the throne. As Hamlet learns of this injustice, he becomes obsessed with revenge and plans out his actions. To elicit sympathy for the victims of the injustice, Shakespeare uses allusion to show the difference between Claudius and the late King Hamlet, in Hamlet's eyes. Hamlet does not understand his mother's marriage to Claudius and the haste of their marriage. He compares Claudius to his father like a satyr to Hyperion, one of the Greek titans. Hamlet believes that Claudius doesn't even compare to his father, who he sees as a God, so the audience can imagine what Claudius is like, killing his own flesh and blood for the crown. The audience can sympathize with Hamlet and understand how he feels because anyone would want revenge if they found out that someone murdered their father for his/her own benefit. The allusion of a lowly satyr to a high being like Hyperion shows what Hamlet feels towards his uncle and his hatred of ridding the world of such a person. The readers can understand why Hamlet feels disgust towards his mother from going from his father to his uncle and this even evokes sympathy to his mother, who doesn't know that the previous king was murdered.

Shakespeare also uses setting to elicit sympathy for the victims in that the novel takes place in a...
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