Injury and Injury Prevention

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Injury and Injury Prevention Injuries that happen during sporting events are the some of the most commonly seen injuries among doctors and paramedics. The following paragraphs will cover types of injuries, evaluation and treatment, and injury prevention.

When someone is injured during a sports game it is very important to get accurate information before treating them. To get this proper information, we use the acronym “HOPE” to walk through all the steps. The first thing to do is to ask about their history. Asking things such as “how did this happen?” or “has it happened before?” can help you figure out what the damage is. The next thing to do is to observe the injury for breaks, swelling, muscle displacement, redness, lack of movement…etc. Thirdly, softly touch the injured area. During this step, feel for heat, tense/tender muscles, bumps, bones, those kind of things. The last step is evaluation. This is the final step before you make a final decision of what the injury is. Questions asking “how high can you lift your arm?” or “can you rotate your head in a circle?” is about the last bit of information you’ll need to decide what the injury is and what the treatment is going to be.

Once an injury occurs, the best thing you can do to recover quickly is to treat it properly. Just like the evaluation of an injury, treatment also has an acronym; “PRICE”. This stands for “Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation”. The first thing to do is to cover your injury, especially if its an open wound. In cases where it is a strain or a sprain a tensor bandage works well. Injuries need lots of rest so it has energy to heal. Restriction of activity is key to a speedy recovery, wait for a doctor to say that its ok to start playing again. Applying ice to an injury is helpful if it’s a sprain or a strain, ice reduces blood flow and helps swelling go down. Ice isn’t the right choice in cases that the injury is a fracture because of the fact it reduces blood flow so

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