Initiation Planning Executing Monitor & Control Closing

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Project Management Process Groups
Initiation Planning Executing Monitor & Control Closing

•Based on the Feasibility Study conducted and using Project Selection Methods, the project selection committee selects a project. The client Develops Project Charter, Preliminary Scope Statement and the sponsor approves the project charter

•Based on Project Charter
and Preliminary Scope statement, the project team conducts all planning activities and Develops the Project Management Plan •Project team involves in Planning and Defining the Scope of the project and Creates WBS •Using WBS items, the team Defines project Activities, places them in a Sequence, Estimates Duration and Resources needed and develops a Project Schedule •Estimate Cost and allocate that Cost to work packages (Cost Budgeting) •Plan Quality standards for the project •Create Human Resource Plan •Come up with Communications Management Plan •Create a Risk Management Plan and Identify all Risks. Analyze them Qualitatively, Quantitatively and come up with Risk Response Plan •Plan on how to Acquire goods and services from outside the organization and Plan on Contracting

•Direct and Manage Project Execution to ensure that all the planned packages have been executed •Perform Quality Assurance to assure that the project team followed quality standards •Acquire Project Team members from functional managers and Develop the Project Team •Distribute project related Information and performance reports to project stakeholders •Request seller Responses and Select one of the Sellers to perform the project work •Administer the Contract

•Monitor and Control
project work and Integrate all Change Controls •Verify completeness of the Scope of work and Control Scope related changes •Control Schedule, Cost, and Quality related changes •Manage Project Team and their Performance •Report on project Performance and Manage Stakeholders •Monitor and Control Risk activities •Administer the...
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