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In the play Inheritance it is the sale of Allandale that causes the most tension between the characters. Do you agree?

In the play Inheritance, written by Hannie Rayson, there is a level of tension between the Hamilton's and the Delaney's, which is escalated some what by the sale of the Delaney's family farm, Allandale. The tension is also present within the two families with brothers and sisters each going their own separate ways, each with their own point of view on the matter of the sale. This tension creates a great deal of stress amongst the family members, with some being unable to deal with the pressure, resorting to extreme measures to relieve the pressure.

Inheritance shows us that the secrets of the past have devastating consequences for the future. Discuss

The play Inheritance, written by Hannie Rayson, provides the audience with an insight that secrets of the past have devastating consequence in the future. Many of the secrets that are viewed in Inheritance affect the lives of many. Two little girls in blue toss a coin, with each side representing the fate of both, defining who they were going to be. The secrets are also too much for some to face as they must live their whole lives living with their mistake. In the end it all becomes too much for some, resulting in their deaths.

"Who says life is fair? Life is not fair." (Lyle). Does Inheritance show that life is not fair?

The play Inheritance, written by Hannie Rayson, portrays the true struggles of our daily lives. As outlined in the play, life is not fair, however, fairness can be determined by our own actions and by the way the person accepts their struggles.

"We all got trapped into doing things that we didn't want to do." (Girlie) Inheritance shows that duty and loyalty do not lead to happiness. Do you agree?

The play Inheritance, written by Hannie Rayson, depicts that duty and loyalty does not lead to happiness, however, duty and loyalty may actually lead to happiness...
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