Topics: Louisa May Alcott, Literature, Fiction Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: May 4, 2014
The Inheritance
The quote from Swedish Proverbs, “Those who wish to sing, always find a song”, relates to this book The Inheritance written by Louisa May Alcott because the main character, Edith Adelon, was a foster child taken in by the Hamilton family. Edith Adelon, the main character, is a kind, beautiful, pure, and good at heart girl. This Swedish Proverb means “The Law of Attraction is a mysterious and beautiful thing. Those who venture out with the intention of finding joy will find joy. Those seeking misery will find their misery.” It means that don’t give up hope, there is something out there for everyone to do. The author uses literary elements such as similes. For example, on page 46 in the fifth paragraph, “music sounded from the balconies as carriage after carriage rolled through the lighted park and left its gay burden on the lawn.” The music is being described in this example from the text and comparing to carriages rolling through a park and left its gay burden on the lawn. Another literary element that the author uses is imagery. For example, on page 60 in the third paragraph, “As Edith bent so tenderly above the humble bed, Theresa’s dim eyes rested fondly on the gentle form beside her.” Imagery can be described best as an author's use of descriptive and vivid language. The theme of the novel can be described as peaceful. The theme is peaceful because the novel was basically filled with lovely and nice descriptions. The novel was not depressing or sorrowful to me at any point. The author reveals the theme to be described peaceful in the novel because she used a lot of descriptive words that weren’t negative. The author didn’t write about any crime or any issues that were going on in the world. The novel was written from an historical time when the author was young and was telling her perspective of her time. The author created like a loving mood and tone. A loving mood and tone because Edith attracts two men with her beauty. Lord...
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