Ingles Face2Face Teacher's Book

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Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book

With over pages 100 of extra teacher's resources

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ta**Zfa** ta*e,k&a** Upper Intermediate Components fhe $a*eZ\axa Approach TheSiudent's Book p4 p4 ps pG

Glass Activities

The p CD-ROM/Audio CD: Instructionsl o TheCommon European Framework (CEF) pl3 Teaching Tips pla

t n s t r u c t i g n $ , , 1 , , , , , , ; ','F1tt16, ' , ,lnstructions ,,,,.:, ,,,,,,, ,.:'Ct3t , ',1 Academic iA,,Mv,qfassmaytet, sL:.:::: ;,,,,',,,,,: :,,,, ,, , professions ,:: . :'," ,: : r,tE Auxilialy,dominoesP132 '' '2 Phrases gei with pt33so*et'iug;ii;[;,,,;,;;,:',,' ",',.',1C I '2A:: , ,,' ,p1-34 ,,rulgntrtdle'neignnouts, p135 ::,2Q,Whb,te,s,the,gtiess?,,,,:',' '' ,,, I,'PJ36 I .. Big,0ugstiori . :2D The ',v13Z

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1 A lifeof learning 2 3 4 5 6 7 a 9 Time a change for lt'sagainst law the Telling stories Nature's best Breaking codes Small world Making meet ends Outandabout

p21 p30 p37 p45 p53 p61 p6A p76 p84 p92 plOl pl09

p744 ','P:lir4'1 p'!46 p747 pt49 :lp:!5o :ptsl; r;p:!53 pt54

Study Skills Instfugtions:',, ,:, rl' Sp0lling thefinal-e rules maps 2 Word 3 Silent letters 4 flomor,ins Progress Tests plaa p19o plSl pl92 pt93

great 1O The divide 11 Making living a 12 That's weird!

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8A Lifeisn'tperlect

snakes ladders p 1 5 8 and ,A:B Money p159 aC Bingol 9A 9B 9D tOA lOB Passive dominoes Fnterta nmenr crossr,'c'c Givea"vayl Havrng things ccne o E G o i n g , i n g .o n e i p16O pl 61 p162 p164 p165 p166 p167 p16A p169 p171

it ii 1OD Love or haie 1JA Thephotoshooi 118 ,IlC 12A Repofied g?r; board partners Business r),sier, The diamond

you Cone? p172 12B,' :What would have

tar,*Ztagw a generalEnglish course for adults and young is adults who want to learn to communicate quickly and effectively in today'swqrld. E*e*Ata*e basedon the communicative approach and is it combinesthe best in current methodologywith special new features designed to make leaming and teaching easler. TheE**ektx*lasyllabus integratesthe learning ofnew languagewith skills development and placesequal emphasison vocabulary and grammar. ta*,eZta*s usesa guided discovery approach to learning, first allowing students to check what they knoq then helping them to work out the rules for themselvesthrough carefully structured examplesand concept questions. All new languageis included in the interactive Language Summaries the back of the ta**XtacsStudent'sBook in and is regularly recycled and reviewed. There is a strong focus on listening and speaking throughout ta**?tac*.

Innovative Help withListening sectionshelp students to understand natural spoken English in context and there are numerous opportunities for communicative, personalised speakingpractice in fage?face. The RealWorld lessonsin eachunit focus on the functional and situational language students need for day-to-day life. The face2fa*eStudent'sBook provides approximately 80 hours of core teaching matedal, which can be extended to 120 hours with the photocopiable resourcesand extra ideas in this Teacher's Book. Each self-containeddouble-page lessonis easily teachableoff the page with minimal preparatron. The vocabulary selection rnta*eZtawuhas been informed by the CambndgeIntemational Cotpus and the Cambridge Learner Cotpus. Ea**?ta**is fully compatible with rhe CommonEuropean (CEF) and gives Frameworhof Ret'erence Lw,tguages for students regular opportunities to evaluatetheir progress ts*e,?Ea*e Upper Intermediate completes82 (seept3)

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ffiEr,sffieumkum twww ffir,rlb w\&kn ffiW^ffiffiWf ffiffi easffi'lg The Student'sBook provides ,18double-pagelessonsin 12 thematically linked units, each with 4 lessonsof 2 pages Each lesson...
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