Infrastructure & Emerging Technologies in It

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Chapter 5:
IT Infrastructure & Emerging Technologies

I. Define IT infrastructure and identify its components. a. IT infrastructure= the shared technology resources that provide the platform for the firm’s specific information system applications. i. Includes investment in hardware, software, and services (such as consulting, education, & training) that are shared across the entire firm or business. ii. Provides the foundation for serving customers, working with vendors, and managing internal firm business processes. b. IT components iii. Computer hardware platforms 1. Used to provide computing services that connect employees, customers, & suppliers into a coherent digital environment 2. Ex: large mainframes, desktop & laptop computers, internet appliances, etc. 3. Blade servers= ultrathin computers consisting of a circuit board w/ processors, memory, & network connections that are stored in racks. iv. Enterprise software platforms 4. Application software services that provide enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, & knowledge management systems that are shared by all business units v. Networking & telecommunications platforms 5. Provide data, voice, & video connectivity to employees, customers, & suppliers vi. Database management platforms 6. Store & manage corporate data & provide capabilities for analyzing the data 7. Storage area networks (SANs)= connect multiple storage devices on a separate high-speed network dedicated to storage. 1) Creates a large central pool of storage that can be rapidly accessed & shared by multiple servers. vii. Internet platforms viii. Consulting services & systems integrators

II. Identify changes in IT infrastructure

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