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October 1, 2012
INFP: Personality Paper
There are sixteen personality types that describe the functions preferences of seven billion individuals on planet Earth; mine is INFP. The letter “I” means I prefer to be introverted, I live life from the inside my mind and focus my attention on my ideas and reflections. The “N” means I am iNtuitive regarding the processing of information which means I follow my instincts, I focus on the future and use imagination and abstract thinking. The “F” means I prefer to make my decisions based on feeling. Before I can make a decision, I must take into account my values and the possible circumstances of the people involved situation. My letter “P” means I prefer to live life free and spontaneous. Anything planned or predictable feels fabricated and phony to me.

My personality type can be described as an imaginative visionary with strong values and driven by spiritual wellness. When I encounter new people, I am reserved and very private at first but will turn very spontaneous and personal once I’m comfortable. I’m sincerely interested in understanding and pleasing people, especially those who I have similar ideals with. Not surprisingly, my type is sensitive to conflict and criticism and will go out my way to avoid them. My type has an affinity for possibilities and focus on reforming the future; to me the present is only a temporary concern. Most of my energy is spent dreaming about improving the world for people and finding truth and purpose in life, influenced by my individual attitude. I’m motivated by inspiration from visions and ideas that I feel are important and genuine. As an INFP, I appreciate innovation and originality in my work and total creative control in my projects. I prefer not to use impersonal logic so much and prefer to focus more on something personal like music or art. My personality type has very high standards and seems to only be happy when it feels it’s making a difference and is...
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