Topics: Computer, A Good Thing, Internet Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: October 14, 2008
“Informing is the ability to build and deploy your own personal supply chain—a supply chain of information, knowledge, and entertainment. Informing is about self-collaboration—becoming your own self-directed and self-empowered researcher, editor, and selector of entertainment, without having to go to the library or the movie theater or through network television. Informing is searching for knowledge. It is seeking like-minded people and communities.” Thomas Friedman After reading the definition of informing, by many different people, I have found that Thomas Friedman is the only one who sums it up perfectly. It is the ability to have any information at anytime and at any place. With new technology coming out at a rapid pace, we as individuals have the ability to have all the knowledge we want at our fingertips. There is no longer a barrier between the information they want and anything. Everybody has the same access to the same things. That is why it is considered the ninth flattener.

In my generation there is barely knowledge of a different way of informing. We never really had to go to the library to do research or watch documentaries at cinemas. Google has been around long enough that it is out primary source of knowledge, not books. I mean, even in English class some students don’t read books; they just go onto SparkNotes and get the abridged version. As more and more information is added to the internet, the less we rely on manual research. I think it is fascinating that as I was doing research for a paper on informing, I used Google. That just goes to show how much it impacts our day-to-day lives.

By having all of this knowledge available to us at any time, the more personal opinions and thoughts are valued. Tests are re-structured to include comprehension-based questions and less factual. The United States workforce in general has a more level playing field because the individual has the ability to self-inform about any topic and become...
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