Informative speech preparation outline

Topics: Bone marrow, National Marrow Donor Program, Red blood cell Pages: 4 (1011 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Informative speech preparation Outline.
Specific Purpose: To educate my audience about the consequences of bone marrow donor compensation. Central Idea: In order to know the consequences of bone marrow donor compensation, we need to know its advantages and disadvantages. Introduction.

-Have you ever been sick to a point where you needed someone to donate either an organ or body fluid to help cure your illness? - Me neither.
-But it is something that we cannot completely escape from. -If we are not directly involved, a friend or relative is.
-My name is Nicoline Chi. I come from a family with the sickle cells anemia gene, a disease caused by the deformation of the red blood cells, which can be completely cured only by a bone marrow transplant. Statistics have shown that no matter how this disease is managed, if it is not completely cured, most of its patients die before the age of 21 years. -My junior sister and my cousin have this disease, and my family has not been able to cure them because we lack the money to compensate matching blood marrow donors. -Which makes it an area of interest to me.

-That is why I am going to talk to you about Bone marrow donor compensation. Bone marrow donor compensation has become a very important issue not only to the USA, but the world over. -This is because of the rewards and also the dangers which come about as a result. - As such, it is important to know the consequences of this procedure, so as to be able to look for best solutions. -These consequences involve the advantages and disadvantages of bone marrow donor compensation which I am going to talk about in my speech. Body. . 1. Bone marrow donor compensation consist of two phases of events; a voluntary bone …...marrow donation process, followed by donor compensation. a. The Latin Times newspaper...

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