Informative Speech Outline, Children and Violence

Topics: Television program, Television, Violence Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Informative Speech Outline #2
Topic:Children and TV Violence
General Purpose/ Goal: To inform.
Specific Goal: I want my audience to know more about TV violence and children’s exposure to it. Thesis Statement: My informative speech is going to inform you about the definition of violence, how the media rates violence, and children’s exposure to media violence. Organizational Pattern: Topical

I. Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” II. Today I am going to inform you about the issues of TV violence and the impact of the contents’ exposure to children. III. I am not a parent myself; however this issue should be of concern to each and every one of you because children are our future and we should do what we can to keep our futures looking bright. IV. From the definition of violence, how the media rates violence, and children’s exposure to media violence. (Transition: With that being said, let me tell you about what the definition of violence is and what is considered to be violent.) BODY

I. What is considered to be violent can vary greatly, depending on the people you address. A.As stated in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, violence is defined as, “an exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse (as in warfare effecting illegal entry into a house)” and/or, “an instance of violent treatment or procedure”. B. According to, violence is defined as, “the use of physical force, especially physical force utilized with malice and/or the attempt to harm someone.” C. Both of these definitions are pretty similar, basically meaning violence is anything involving the use of physical force to cause harm to others. 1. Violence can be anything from punching someone in the face to something more severe, such as stabbing someone with a knife and killing them. 2.Law enforcement punishes people that act violently and the severity of the punishment depends on the age of the criminal...

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