Informative Speech on HIV

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support Informative Speech

Purpose: I will speaking about HIV/AIDS. First, I will speak about the history of the disease. Second, I will talk about prevention of the disease. Lastly, I’ll talk about what steps you can take to make those you are partners or friends with comfortable living with HIV/AIDS.

I. Advocating and raising awareness for this disease is not something I take lightly. Being in the arts, you are surrounded by ways of helping others fight, but you can also see the reaction of others which can be quite horrifying. Today, I plan on educating you on the risks, history, and how you can support those with HIV/AIDS. A. Sadly going hand-in-hand with hate and threats, HIV/AIDS is something I take very personally. B. It may sound cheesy, but being in a production of RENT emotionally connected me with the pain and tribulations victims of this disease face. Body:

II. I will now talk about the history of HIV/AIDS.
A. The epidemic began in the early 80s.
1. Taking over urban areas and the gay community, within one year of HIV/AIDS’ existence 121 Americans died. 2. Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the first community-based AIDS service provider in the U.S., is founded in New York City. 3. I will then discuss the movie and play “The Normal Heart” III. Prevention of HIV/AIDS

A. What is HIV/AIDS stand for? Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 1. HIV/AIDS attacks the immune system specially your T-cells and your CD4 cells, and can cause everyday illness like fevers and the common cold become something fatal. B. HIV/AIDS is transferred by exchange of body fluids such as blood, breast milk, and sexually based fluids. 1. The virus must be entered into the bloodstream to be transferred to another. 2. HIV/AIDS is NOT transferred in the air, in saliva, tears, or sweat, casual contact, or even sharing beverages. C. Practicing safe sex is the easiest change you can make to lower your risk...

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