Informative Speech on Divorce

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Informative Speech on Divorce

Taking about my parents divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The pain and anger about what happened to me whenever I was seven years old, still exists in my heart and my life. I don’t think I can ever figure my dad for tearing apart my family the way that he did. I chose to do this speech because, I wanted other people in the class to understand how major it is to decide to settle down with someone and start a family. You should not have kids with someone who you don’t see yourself being with in 10 years. In the long run, it puts the kids through hell.

I have to admit that I would not be the person I am today if it was not for my parents getting a divorce, they made me the strongest teenager by making the decision to split up. But, at the same time, they made my life an emotional rollercoaster that will never stop. They put me through stuff that a child should never have to do through. Stuff that I could never do to my own kids or even imagine having to watch another kid go through. I feel their pain and I completely understand what they are going through. The emotional pain of this subject gets to me, and it really did in front of the entire class whenever I was trying to present this speech. Although I did cry, I really hope that it showed the people in the class how important deciding to have children without considering the kids first really is. So, the thing I was trying to inform people of was the fact that in the end, the kids come first! Do your very best to have kids with someone you plan on staying with and you can see yourself growing old with. Every couple has problems, I understand that, but, once you have kids, make it work for them. Please!

A thing that I personally learned from this speech was the support that I receive from my classmates. They understood how close this topic was to my heart and respected the fact that it was a hard thing for me to talk about. I got positive comments from...
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