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Informative Speech Laughter

By Lacheer010YahooC Mar 25, 2015 715 Words
Samantha Webster
CMST 2060
Informative Speech


I. So, what did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they got married? FEYONCÉ A. For those of you who laughed at my super corny joke, first off thank you, and secondly, I want to ask, how are you feeling after that laugh? B. Well if you feel any better its because I, being the wonderful classmate that I am just gave you a dose of the best medicine you can get, LAUGHTER!

II. Laughter is a very powerful antidote for things such as pain, stress, and conflict.

III. And by bringing more humor and laughter into your life you can help to stay emotionally healthy.

IV. Today I want to share with you the ways that can benefit you from laughter. Including physical, mental, and social benefits.

Transition: So lets all think about the way we felt after we had a really good laugh.


I. Main point. Laughing can have many physical health benefits to the human body.

A. Laughing can actually lower your blood pressure.
a. Laughter reduces the production of stress hormones both during and a while after laughter occurs. b. While laughing you are working your muscles, which leads to an initial rise in blood pressure that is followed by a more sustained drop. c. Your diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles are working out while laughing. B. Another physical benefit of laughter is the decrease of pain. a. Releases “feel good” brain chemicals, which can reduce pain. b. Humor activates the release of endorphins and can relieve muscular tension.

Transition: “But laughter does not only physically benefit the human body.”

II. Main Point. “Mentally, laughter can have many benefits to us as well.” A. Laughter can ease anxiety an fear
a. People with strong sense of humor become less depressed and anxious than people whom lack sense of humor. b. President of HUMORWORKS Seminars in Tampa, Florida, John Moreall, explains that you go into a relaxed state after laughter. B. By simply having a good laugh, you could dramatically improve you mood. a. Researchers at West Chester University in Pennsylvania found that students who used humor as a coping mechanism were more likely to be in a positive mood. b. Since laughter produces endorphins that reduce stress, this plays a factor in the improvement of your mood. C. Having laughter a part of your daily life can add joy and zest to life.

Transition: “So we’ve talked about how laughter can benefit us physically and emotionally, but what about socially?”

III. Main Point. There are socially benefits that come from laughing.

A. Something as simply as laughing can have positive effects of the building of relationships. a. Laughter can attract others to us.
b. Laughing is contagious.
B. Not only can laughter built relationships it can also strengthen them. a. A joke, if you time it right, can ease some tension in situations. This can help resolve disagreements in relationships. b. Having a humorous relationship can build a stronger bond between people.

Transition: Laughter is not a prescription drug, or something you can get over the counter, but it is arguably one of the best forms of medicine you can get.


I. Acknowledgement of limitations of your speech, or the “To be sure” statement. A. To be sure that I haven’t convinced anyone to stop seeing their doctor or buying over the counter pain medication, I may also share with you all that laughter may not affect some people the way that other are affected by it. I have only provided information based off of studies that many have found laughter to be beneficial to life. I personally found laughter to play a huge role in the health of myself.

II. Conclusive conclusion.
A. I hope that the information I have shared with you today shines some light on the important role that humor and laughter play in our everyday lives. I know that it is something that I will not take for granted.

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