Informative Speech "Chilli Cook Off"

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Saturday October 15th marks Group Therapy's 19th annual Chili Cook off. Chili Cook Off is a well known annual event located outside group therapy on Greene Street and since I've worked the last three its my duty to inform and shamelessly plug Group Therapy every chance I get. Every year this local event raises thousands of dollars to help local charities. This year Group's Chili Cook Off Will donate money to Camp Kemo and The Hope Center of Charleston. So come one and all to Group Therapy's 19th Annual Chili Cook Off, but what exactly is the Chili Cook Off? Well just as the name implies there is plenty of chili but what else? Lets familiarize ourselves with not only what the Chili Cook Off is but also with what there is to do, and finally what exactly Camp Kemo and The Hope Center are.

As stated earlier Chili Cook off is an annual charity event. Every year chili chefs from around the state gather in Columbia to see who is the best of the best. First off in order to enter one must Log on to the Group Therapy web site and fill out an application on line. Once received you are entered. Last year there were over fifty entries which means there were over fifty different varieties to try. Chilies range from hot and spicy to unusual and exotic. Trophies are awarded for the winners of eight categories. The Categories are People's choice, Best Hot Chili, Best Bar/Restaurant, Best Vegetarian, Most exotic, Best American Hero's Chili, Best Overall, and finally Best Overall Set Up. Most of these are self explanatory but I'll take a little time to clear up any confusion. Best hot, vegetarian and overall really need no further explanation. People's Choice is chosen by the public. People purchase tickets in turn they trade the tickets for cups of chili. Whoever has the most tickets wins. The best American Hero's chili category is only for those in law enforcement and those in the armed forces. Best Overall Setup is for those that put in a little extra effort and dress up for...
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