Informative Speech

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Informative Speech
This place was built in a swamp, there used to be no reason to go there unless you wanted to buy oranges. Now, this place is best known for its wonderful attractions. Because of this place, hotels, restaurants and stores have been built around it. From Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom, to Mission: SPACE at EPCOT, to Festival of the Lion King at the Animal Kingdom. Disney World is the place to be. Although many may know the different things to do and places to be at this park, they may not know what it took to make and develop such an awesome park, or who even started such an amazing attraction. The time and hard work put into building this fantasyland must be recognized. In this speech I will take you on a magical journey through the history making and development of this ravishing park.

“In 1964 Walt Disney began secretly buying millions of dollars worth of Central Florida farmland” (“History”). The amount of land purchased ranges from five thousand acres to twenty thousand acres at a time. They were sold a remarkably high prices. Many thought the person buying this land was Howard Hughes while others thought it was the space program (“History”). For this large piece of land, Mr. Disney had a vision, he wanted it to be the place where everyone would come and never grow up. He wanted an “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” He wanted to “Plus It!”, or make it better than Disneyland in California (“Theme Park History: A Short History of Walt”).

When other entrepreneurs found out (owners of hotel chains and restaurants) they started buying spots near and around the site for the soon to be Disney World. They all wanted in on the great riches that would be earned from the anxious visitors to this Fantasy Land. Walt Disney died on December 15th 1966, 5 years before the opening of his park. But, his brother, Roy O. Disney continued his vision of Disney World. The building of the park was a two year construction effort that...

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