Informative Speech

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A student is given an essay to write by the end of class on Friday. The day was currently Tuesday. This student is a student athlete in college and time management is crucial for academic success. Finding time to complete the essay seems almost impossible during their hectic schedule that week. Being a freshman,time management isn't an acquired skill quite yet. It is now Thursday night and the student has available time to finally begin writing their essay. As they log onto their computer, the notice they have a notification on their phone. They pick it up and find that it is a facebook notification from one of their friends back home wanting to keep in touch with them. Once the computer starts up, the student then logs into their facebook account to make communication simpler. Thinking that they can communicate with their friend while also working on their essay. The student then starts to talk to their friend back home while also scrolling through the facebook newsfeed to find out the latest information on people they went to high school with. An hour passes and the student manages to at least write their name in the top left corner of the document. By this time, the student is too tired to create a well written essay and pieces it together rather quickly thus creating an unscholary paper. This student is me. I am a student who is easily distracted by social networking sites. Most students like myself use social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends and to keep up with an active social life. The internet is so widely depended on as a college student, internet access is always available. Having access to the internet at any given moment,can give the student absolute freedom to search any website that they wanted, not just for class purposes. With new advances in technology, we now always have access to social media whether it be on a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop. No student is entirely motivated to complete a homework assignment,...
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