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Topics: Cosmetics, Make-up artist, Special effects Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: December 12, 2013

COMM 10- Elements of Public Speaking

Master Make-up Artistry
(Informative Speech)

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the three major types of make-up needed to be a master make-up artist.

Central Idea: High Fashion, Character and Prosthetic/Special effects make-up are all skills required in order to be considered a master make-up artist in the industry.

When I was about 3 or 4, I remember watching my mom put on her make up and being completely fascinated by it. Well being the curious little kid that I was, I decided to be exactly like mommy and do what she did. Bad idea! I ended up in the emergency room because I had super glued by eyelashes together. Needless to say, my first experience with “make-up” was not what I’d call great. Since then though, I have grown to love make-up and so I started to wonder what makes someone a master of makeup.

I. High fashion make-up is the foundation or rather the basics of all three make-up types. A. It’s used to identify a person’s skin type, bone structure, eyebrow and face shape. 1. Identifying all these factors into helping determine what products to use on an individual. B. Its application is solely for beauty purposes.

1. You mostly see this kind of make-up done in editorial spreads in magazines, on television, in films or on the runway.

II. Character make-up is to help define and develop the characteristics needed for a certain role. A. This process helps age an actor; adds hair to certain parts of the body or even removes hair altogether. 1. It also deals with very basic special effects make-up like in creating scars, burns, tattoos and bruises. B. It’s mainly used for print, television and film.

III. Prosthetics/Special effects make-up is used to completely transform or alter the appearance of a person to the point where they are almost unrecognizable. A. Prosthetics are made of gelatin, latex or foam latex.

1. They are generally used on...

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