Informative Serial Killers

Topics: Serial killer, Ted Bundy, Crime Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Informative Speech
Serial Killers

Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience about serial killers, the type of person that commits these horrendous crimes.


1. Attention-getting remarks: What would you do as a young, cute college girl at the grocery store saw a clean cut nice looking man with a cast on his arm struggling with his groceries, he ask you for your help. Would you help him? Ted Bundy one of the most infamous serial killers of our time would put a fake cast on his arm, and ask his intended victim for help carrying his groceries to his car once there the would hit them with a tire iron. Take them and rape and beat them to death with the tire iron. 2. Need for listening: Serial killers come in two categories organized and unorganized. Organized are usually smart with a high IQ. They are charismatic, charming. They plan their crime to the last detail, who the victim will be, how he will subdue the victim, the weapon he will use, where he will dump the body, how he will clean the crime scene. Organized killers usually keep a memento of the killing. Ted Bundy said “when you work so hard on something to get it right you don’t want to forget.” Unorganized serial killers usually act upon impulse, they have a lower IQ, are anti social usually live alone, use whatever weapon is available. Dump the body at the crime scene, no clean up. 3. Central Idea: Serial killers are our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. What makes someone become a serial killer? Is it social happenings, or are they born? Body:

1. A serial killer is someone who kills at least three people over a period of time at least a month with a cooling off period between murders. And whose motivation for killing is a psychological gratification. Often a sexual element is involved in the killings. The FBI states that motives are also thrill, financial gain as in Black widow killers, and attention seeking and anger. 2. Race is not an indicator of a...

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