Informative Outline

Topics: Mixed martial arts, Royce Gracie, Ultimate Fighting Championship Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Informative Outline
Title: The up and coming sport!
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about Mixed Martial arts. Central Idea: Mixed Martial Arts is a unique upcoming sport that involves many different types of strategies that brings more and more viewers. 1 Introduction

A.(attention getter) Blood, violence, broken bones, punching, kicking, choking, and etc. are not what everyone enjoys watching on TV for entertainment. These days it is a world known sport that both men and women compete in around the world. B. ( Reason to listen)While Mixed Martial Arts is making a peak in the United States the NFL is declining slowly giving MMA a chance to be Americans next stop sport. C.(speaker credibility) Learning Mixed Marital Arts for over 2 years now I have trained with professional fighters such as black belts Kennieth Alexander, Fabio Prado, and Paul Mendoza. D.(Preview of main points)

1.First, I will discuss the modern history of the Mixed Martial Arts in cage fighting. 2.Second, I will explain the different training fighters go through based on their strategies. 3.Third, I will discuss the upcoming and popularity of Martial Arts in cage fighting. Body

A. First main point: Mixed Martial Arts has been around a lot longer than most people would think. 1. On James Dunn an expert author and a MMA trainer says that it all started in 648 B.C. in Greece. a. (factual illustration) according to ezinearticles they called their fighting competition “pankration” which was pretty much an anything goes battle with no real referees. II. When it first started people basically looked at it as a very physical wrestling match, and now there are so many different styles of fighting. a. (expert testimony) Fights were becoming Jiu-jitsu and boxing matches, which was basically submission fighting against punching. According to Dana White “the best fighter is someone who can adapt to any style, to be formless, to adopt an...
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