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Topics: Personal life, Laughter, Health Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: December 18, 2013

This speech informs that we can use laughter as the best medicine and the benefit of laughter to our physical, mental health and social life. Introduction:
I. Laughter is the best medicine and it is approved in all the health study. We all know that laughter have many benefits to our physical health, mental health and social life. A. From own experience: when I in a bad mood, stress and sad, I will watch comedy movie and anything that can make me laugh, all the sad and stress will gone. B. Laughing with everybody is the best than laughing alone. We can see that we will laugh if there is people laugh but actually, we do not know what we laugh about. C. By the end of this presentation, I hope that all of you will know the benefit of laughter and will always laugh to be in a good condition. Body:

II. The benefits of laugh to physical health and mental health. A. Laughter can lower stress hormone that if we laugh all our stress will gone. B. Laughter can prevent heart decease because it help protects the heart.  C. Laughter will improve our mood and add joy to our life.

III. Benefit of laughter to social life.
A. Laughter can strengthen relationship with others.
B. It also can help attract other to us as they see we are funny and cheerful people. C. Be spontaneous and the laughter can show our true feeling.

IV. Ways to boost laughter in ourselves
A. Smile is the first rule of the laughter. If we smile, it can change our mood and make us feel happy. B. When you hear laughter, move toward it. Try to get in the group who are happy and laugh together with them. C. Spend time with fun and playful people. If we are friend with people who are funny, we will always laugh and be happy.

V. We have looked at how laughter can be strong medicine for mind, can help us stay emotionally healthy, and its also have social benefits. As a conclusion, laughter really is important in our life. So, let us...
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