Informative Ninja Speech

Topics: Ninja, Samurai, Ninjutsu Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Ashley Riggs
Speech I
Block 1
General Purpose: I would like to inform my class on real Ninjas. Specific Purpose: I decided to write this speech, to give my class information on real Ninjas. Introduction
I. Attention Getter: Black figures with hidden faces move swiftly through a courtyard, slinking over walls like spiders and running lightly across rooftops, quick as cats. These are the ninjas of the movies and comic books, the stealthy assassin in black robes with magical abilities in the arts of concealment and murder. This wraith-like being is very compelling. But what is a real Ninja? II. Specific Purpose (Restated): I decided to write this speech, to give my class information on real Ninjas. III. Three Main Points: Origins of the Ninja, The First Known Ninja School, and Who Were the Ninjas?

I. Origins Of the Ninja
A. Emergence of the first Ninja called Shinobi.
B. Japanese folklore states that the ninja descended from a demon that was half man and half crow. C. But more likely ninjas slowly evolved as an opposing force to their upper-class contemporaries, the samurai, in early feudal Japan. D. Most sources indicate that the skills that became ninjitsu, the ninja’s art of stealth, began to develop, somewhere from 600-900 A.D.

II. The First Known Ninja Store
A. The blend of Chinese and native tactics that would become ninjitsu developed as a counter-culture, without rules. B. When this was first established by Daisuke Togakure and Kain Doshi, Daisuke had been a samurai, but he was on the losing side in a regional battle. He lost his lands and his samurai title. C. In 1162, Daisuke was wandering the mountains of southwest Honshu when he met Kain Doshi, a Chinese warrior-monk. D. Daisuke renounced his bushido code, and together the two developed a new theory of guerrilla warfare called ninjitsu. E. Daisuke’s descendants created the first ninja ryu, or school, the Togakurerya.

III. Who...
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