Informative Essay On Prostate Cancer

Topics: Candidiasis, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 7 (1623 words) Published: January 10, 2017

Recent research shows that the highest incidence of cancer among men is prostate cancer. The numbers are alarming, however, one thing that can be reassuring is that this kind of cancer can be prevented by making some lifestyle changes and changing your diet by eating the right kinds of food, keeping weight controlled and having an active lifestyle. Prostate cancer prevention is possible by doing some of these simple changes that may seem difficult at the start, but provides a lot of benefits in the future. Here are some food suggestions and diets that you can follow to keep yourself protected from prostate cancer: Include plenty of whole grains and seeds in your diet for prostate cancer prevention. A diet of wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and...

Lycopene has been proven to be a good antioxidant, and is good for prostate cancer prevention. A simple snack of crackers spread with tomato paste with cheese on top is not only an appetizing but also a good source of lycopene. When choosing canned or bottled tomato products, buy the ones with the least sodium content to protect yourself from heart and kidney disease. Preferably, lycopene should not be taken as a supplement, but should be sourced from natural foods. Beans and lentils are good sources of fiber and protein, which can give you a feeling of satiety and can help you lose weight. If you can keep your weight in check, you will not only feel good about yourself, but you are also finding ways for prostate cancer prevention. You can have a simple snack of dried peas or mix beans and lentils with your favorite soups. Hummus, or chickpeas with olive oil is not just easy to make, but is also an excellent snack or dip which can make you feel full. Although researches in cancer prevention can not really pinpoint just one diet for prostate cancer or a particular food group or nutrient for prostate cancer prevention, you can be on the road to better health if you make these simple lifestyle changes in your diet and level of physical...
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