Informative Essay About Black Holes

Topics: Black hole, General relativity, Universe Pages: 3 (1295 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Can you believe that everything in the universe, all of the stars, the galaxies, and even our world, was once the size of this, a mere marble? All that we are comprised of was compacted into this tiny space. And then it expanded into a trillion times its size in less than a trillionth of a second. All of the things we see and hear about and what you have just heard or will hear about, are all a product of what happened, trillions of years ago. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole explores the deepest mysteries of existence — the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. Are we alone in this universe? Can we live forever? Can we travel faster than light? These questions have been pondered by the most brilliant minds in history and now, modern science may be able to provide us with answers. Today, we will strap into our spaceships and blast off from this world to see how close we can really get to a black hole; while we are out in the vacuum of space, we will research and analyze what Black holes really are, and finally we will return back to earth and see how these findings affect us. Transition:

We will start off by leaving our world behind and going to search for these invisible monsters. Body:
Point 1.) Now, what’s does the Federal Deficit and a Black Hole have in common? They both never end because According to the National Aeronautics Space Administration in an article last accessed on October 17, 2012, a black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls in so much, that even light cannot get out. This is what makes them invisible. When we look we can see nothing but strange optical distortions of the sky around it from the bending of light that occurs. When we pass the event horizon, or the very edge of a black hole, and enter it, we destroyed. We’re pulled apart and stretched by the immense amount of gravity, this process is called spaghettification. Our counterparts however, see us freeze in time and eventually...
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