Topics: Cate Blanchett, Academy Award for Best Actress, Sydney Theatre Company Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Avery Punch SPEECH 1315 / 10-9-14Speech II: Informative/Chronological “Introduction of a Famous Living Person”Cate Blanchett Specific Purpose: To share informative insight, based in research, about the Life, Awards received and Philanthropic efforts given by a specific Famous Living Person INTRODUCTION:

Attention Device: Public Service Announcement played (CBS News- 60 Minutes, 2014) Cate Blanchett Relate Topic to the audience (Personal Identification of famous person): Cate Blanchett Bio

Family Orientation
State Qualifications (Awards of your famous person):
Best Actress /Leading Role/ Motion Picture – Blue Jasmine (IMD ,2014) Golden Globe
Oscar - Academy Award
BAFTA Awards
Alliance of Women Film Journalists
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award
Chosen as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People (People Magazine, 2007) Best Dressed Female actresses (Vanity Fair, 2009)
Preview of your famous person’s Main Points:
Blanchett’s Bookshelf (, 2013)
The Uses of Enchantment
True History of the Kelly Gang
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Cate’s Philanthropic Causes
Australian Conservation Foundation
Founded in 1966
Protect, restore and sustain the environment
Implementation of a Carbon Tax with Cap & Trade
Solar Aid
Founded in 2006
Provide abundant source of free clean and renewable energy
Implementation of Macro-solar
Sydney Film Festival
Established in 2008
Screens the best of world cinema re: features, documentaries and short films CONCLUSION:
Review of Main Points:
Why it is Important to be Charitable
Aspects of an Actresses Lifestyle
Closing Thought: Cate Blanchett Famous quotation, Life Motto, or Tie Back to Attention Device Works Cited
BIBLIOGRAPHY FanSitesNetwork. 2007 - 2014. 8 October 2014. ", Inc." 1990-2014. 6...

Bibliography: FanSitesNetwork. 2007 - 2014. 8 October 2014.
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