Informational Role

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Information Role
Informational role is the most important role out of the three managerial roles defined by Mr. Henry Mintzberg. On average, it took up 40% of a manager’s time. It is vital as accurate information assist in making intelligent and crucial decision. It is also significant to achieve the four basic managerial functions which is planning and strategizing, organizing, controlling and finally leading and developing employees.
In general, informational role is mainly information handling. Data collected from various sources undergoes interpretation, analyze and filter process before converting it to correct and valid information. Thus, information is distributed to those who need it. This role is carrying out in a day-to-day basis. Information can be collected from internal and external environment of the organization. The internal environment like data base, accounting information of the organization, and sometimes even the gossip and conversation of subordinate, peer and superior could be found as useful information. Examples of external environment are public, local community, government, external agencies or professionals, etc. Information role is subdivided to monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

Monitor keeps an eye on information coming from inside and outside the organization, in the mean time also carries out controlling process. To be a successful monitor, one has to be constantly alert for useful information. Words slip out from a tea-time conversation, certain body language or behavior and personal networking comes in handy at times as a worthy source of information. Through monitoring, strategy can be drawn out easily. Effectiveness of the strategy can be ensured and corrective steps can be taken at once.

Disseminator is responsible to consistently distribute information to those inside the organization. Notification of the organization’s direction, purpose of an event, meeting time and venue, to...
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