Information Theory and Coding

Topics: Optical fiber, Coding theory, Information theory Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: January 30, 2013
MEDC – 301(A) Information Theory & Coding

Unit 1 Introduction to uncertainty, information, entropy and its properties, entropy of binary memory less source and its extension to discrete memory less source, coding theorem, data compression, prefix coding, HUFFMAN coding, Lempel-Ziv Coding Unit 2 Discrete memory less channels, Binary symmetric channel, mutual information & its properties, channel capacity, channel coding theorem, and its application to BSC, Shannon’s theorem on channel capacity, capacity of channel of infinite bandwidth, Bandwidth signal to noise Trade off, Practical communication system in light of shannon’s theorem, Fading Channel. Unit 3 m

Group and field of Binary system Galois field and its construction in GF (2 ) and its basic properties, vector spaces and matrices in GF(2), Linear Block Codes, Systematic codes, and its encoding circuits, syndrome and error detection ,minimum distance, error detecting and correcting capabilities of block code, Decoding circuits, Probability of undetected error for linear block code in BSC ,Hamming code and their applications. Unit 4 Cyclic codes and its basic properties, Generator & parity check matrix of cyclic codes, encoding & decoding circuits, syndrome computation & error detection, cyclic Hamming codes. Unit 5 Introduction to BCH codes, its encoding & decoding, error location & correction. Introduction to convolution codes, its construction & viterbi algorithm for maximum likelihood decoding. Reference Books: 1. Digital Communication by Haykins Simon Wiley Publ. 2. Error control Coding: Theory and Application, by Shu Lin and Cosstlello,PHI 3. Modern analog and Digital Communication system, by B.P. Lathi 4. Digital Communication by Sklar, Pearson Education 5. Principal of Communication system by Taub & Schilling, TMH 6. Error Correcting Codes by Peterson W., MIT Press 7. Digital Communication by Carson,MGH 8. Digital Communication by Proakis,TMH

MEDC – 302(A) Advanced Digital Communication...
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