information technology system

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The business landscape changes so quickly. It is a very challenging world. The key forces are always customers, competition and change. The ever changing business environment forces businesses to continue to push forward and to reinvent revitalize and resize by Business Process reengineering. BPR is a business strategy. It focuses on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within a business. It aims to help businesses fundamentally rethink how their work is done and this is to intensely improve customer service, cut operational costs and to become feared and respected competitors. It seeks to assist businesses to radically restructure their organization. This is achieved by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. Re-engineering highlights on a holistic focus on the business objectives and the processes related to them and this encourages full scale recreation of processes rather than just the optimization of sub processes. Why is BPR needed? Do businesses really need such a radical makeover? The answer is yes. It is to remain relevant and to keep pace with the ever-changing global markets, customers’ expectations and needs and to remain on top of other competitions. Some may argue that if the old way was working fine, why tear everything down and build everything up again. This takes time, effort and resources. But everything can be improved and this is to increase efficiency and productivity and to minimize wastage and lost. BPR also makes businesses more customer-focused and responsive to changes in the market. This is achieved by reshaping corporate structures around business processes and implementing change by redefining the business tasks in a holistic or process-oriented term. The winners of tomorrow are also those who gather crucial information and act on them quickly. Making informed business decisions enables businesses to accomplish their business growth and enables them to utilize the information to...
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